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The resources you will find here aim at helping churches, small groups and individuals to:

  • Encounter God's loving presence.
  • Experience community with others.
  • Engage our world in order to make a difference.

The specific strategy we take at the Center that undergirds our training, consulting, coaching and resources is designed with two goals in mind.

1. We help churches get people connected in healthy community so that they experience more than the Sunday service.

2. We guide churches to develop a unique strategy to mobilize people and groups to join God in God's mission to redeem the world.

This is what we call a "Both/And Strategy." Most churches need BOTH ways to get people connected AND ways to facilitate the mission of God. Instead of thinking in Either/Or categories, where we EITHER develop connecting groups that close the back door OR Missional Communities to touch the world, over 20 years of experience has proven that the Both/And approach is more honest, realistic and effective strategy. Explore this strategy with us, and we think you will agree.

In addition to the resources found here on this site, check out our blog to explore how to get people connected AND release them in mission. If you want to read specific blog posts about the Both/And strategy click here for the thread on this topic.

Explore the More from Jeff D. Johnson on Vimeo.

Current and Upcoming
  • Writing a book entitled Leading the Relational Way.
  • Coaching churches to help them develop effective small group systems.
  • Developing a theological conversation venue called The Jesus Cafe.
  • Getting settled as we have moved back to the Twin Cities.

Latest News

My new book introduces what it means to live on mission in our daily lives. This is missional living for "people in the pew." David Fitch said, "Pastors, Christians, no more conferences please. Instead, read this book." 


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